[Client] $KYHOOK
[Direction] ESTUDI-IMAGE
[Industry] Music
[Year] 2024


In late 2023, we had the opportunity to meet $kyhook, a dynamic music artist who has been a stalwart in the underground Spanish music scene for over a decade. Known for his collaborations with top national artists such as Young Beef, Morad, Dano, María José Yergo, and Pedro la Droga.

$kyhook has made a significant impact on the industry. After earning both Gold and Platinum Records in 2020, he was gearing up to release his second solo album.

We were thrilled to take on the role of directing and producing the music video for the album's first single, "Ghettoboyz." Our aim was to delve into the theme of escapism, illustrating how people often try to flee reality through dreams, pretending, even if just for a fleeting moment, that they are somewhere else. Despite the often inescapable nature of reality.

"Ghettoboyz" explores this tension, presenting a journey through the world of dreams and a crumbling reality.


Directed and produced by: ESTUDI-IMAGE
Producer: Juan Perez de Rozas
Director of photography: Marti Palazon
AD: Anna Lanau

Make Up: Elisa Orbas
Stylist: Irene Serra
Assistant Stylist: Laura Nuñez

First AC: Ferran Fernandez
Focus Puller: Adria Alcala
Gaffer: Juan Sanchez
Desk Tech: Isa Ebens
Electicians: Oscar Quero & Omar Verge

Colorist: Ashley Ayarza Woods
Composers: Jose Arauz, Jaymin Han, Jadyn Murphy, Naige Wallace
Post-Coordinator: Lauryn Huling-Jackson

CAST: $kyhook, Suona, Deezy ntd
BTS: Vladyslav Poshyvanyuk
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